Livestock biodiversity
indigenous knowledge
and intellectual property rights

Bellagio, Italy, 27 Mar - 2 April 2006

Bellagio brief


Day 2, Tue 28 Mar 2006: Indigenous knowledge

  • Ilse Koehler-Rollefson: Purpose of workshop: Conservation, services, livelihoods; trends, sustainability of traditional systems, sustainability of conventional systems
    814 kb
  • Paul Mundy: Outline of workshop
    267 kb
  • Irene Hoffmann (FAO): Report on the state of the world's animal genetic resources
    816 kb
  • Saverio Krätli, (Niger): Indigenous knowledge on animal breeding: Is there breeding outside science?
    text 60 kb presentation 293 kb
  • Tom Loquang, Uganda: The role of pastoralists in the conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources
    presentation 446 kb additional text 33 kb
  • Isaac Kosgey, Kenya: Experiences of trying to understand breeders' knowledge
    392 kb
  • Evelyn Mathias, Germany: Indigenous knowledge about animal breeding
    725 kb

Day 3, Wed 29 Mar 2006: Intellectual property rights

  • Jacob Wanyama, Kenya/Mozambique: Karen commitment on pastoralist / indigenous livestock keepers’ rights
    281 kb
  • Morten Tvedt, Norway: Current patent law as it applies to animal genetic resources and breeding practices
    75 kb
  • Chanda Nimbkar, India: Garole sheep and intellectual property rights
    307 kb
  • Sangeeta Sashikant, Malaysia: Access and benefit sharing
    44 kb
  • Merida Roets, South Africa: Valorization of animal genetic resources through intellectual property rights
    472 kb

Day 4, Thu 30 Mar 2006: Intellectual property rights

  • Irene Hoffmann, Germany: Interdependence in animal genetic resources management
    3530 kb
  • Sangeeta Sashikant, Malaysia: World Intellectual Property Organization
    38 kb
  • Kassahun Awgechew, Ethiopia: Current situation of Ethiopia's animal genetic resources
    503 kb
  • Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, Germany: Public registry of animal genetic resources
    18 kb

Day 6, Sat 1 Apr 2006: Conserving animal genetic resources

  • Maryam Niamir-Fuller, USA: WISP: World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism
    288 kb
  • Raul Perezgrovas, Mexico: The Tzotzil shepherdesses of Chiapas, México, and their sacred wool sheep
    1472 kb
  • Vera Matlova, Czech Republic: European system of breed conservation
    134 kb
  • Hanwant Singh Rathore, India: Livestock keepers’ rights: land rights, grazing rights, water, support from government, protected areas
    649 kb
  • M Sajjad Khan, Pakistan: Unique animal genetic resources in Pakistan
    1609 kb
  • Sunil Gamage, Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan experience with livestock keepers
    1058 kb

League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development,