• LPP organises Livestock Futures Conference on 6-7th September

    LPP is pleased to announce a conference about the future of livestock keeping that will be held in Bonn on 6-7th September. Join us as livestock keepers from around the world discuss with policy and decision makers about their role … Continue reading

  • New film introducing the work of LPP

    In a short film, Ilse Köhler-Rollefson introduces the work and rationale of LPP and how it tries to link the situation of local livestock keepers with the global livestock policy scenario. Watch the film here.

  • Livestock out of balance: From asset to liability in the course of the Livestock Revolution

    This study by LPP member Evelyn Mathias investigates the impact of the Livestock Revolution on farmers.The results provide some major food for thought. They do suggest that livestock has turned in many cases from an asset into a liability, since … Continue reading

  • New flyer “Investing in Livestock Futures”

    This new flyer summarizes some of LPP’s approaches to securing the resources and assets of small-scale livestock keepers: Biocultural Protocols, Livestock Keepers’ Rights and new approaches to marketing products from local livestock breeds. LPP flyer – Investing in Livestock Futures.

  • First focus area workshop of the Global Agenda of Action for a Sustainable Livestock Sector, 2-4 April

    The Global Agenda of Action for a Sustainable Livestock Sector will hold its first focus area workshop at FAO in Rome from 2-4 April, 2012. The theme is “Closing the efficiency gap”. How will  “efficiency” be defined and which factors … Continue reading

  • EU Briefing on Pastoralism

    On 22 nd February, the EU Commission, in collaboration with the African Union and the Center for Tropical Agriculture, organised an official briefing on African pastoralism. Lack of visibility of pastoralism and its role in food security was diagnosed as … Continue reading

  • Rajasthan’s Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary to become National Park

    In the beginning of February, India’s Ministry of  Environment and Forests (MOEF) announced its approval for converting the Kumbhalgarh Widlife Sanctuary into a National Park. The customary users of the protected area were given a time window to register any … Continue reading

  • Jaisalmer Camel Breeders’ Biocultural Protocol in the works

    The Jaisalmeri camel breeders still have large herds of camels, in addition to keeping other types of livestock, incl. cattle, sheep and goats. They are currently establishing a Biocultural Protocol with the help of LPP’s partner organisation Lokhit Pashu-Palak Sansthan … Continue reading

  • Camel Charisma opens its first store

    Camel Charisma is a social enterprise that supports the Raika and other camel breeders to develop and market products from their camels. On 1st February it opened a tiny retail outlet near Ranakpur in Rajasthan.

  • India’s Unique Breed Saviour Awards

    In a moving ceremony held at India’s National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) in Chennai on 10th January, twenty livestock keepers received awards for their dedication to conserving indigenous breeds. In his speech, the secretary of the NBA, Mr. Reddy, emphasized the … Continue reading