Raika campaign covered by The Hindu newspaper

A major Indian daily has reported on the Raika delegation’s lobbying visit to Europe in favour of livestock keepers’ rights.

“A delegation of ‘Raikas’ (camel breeders) from Rajasthan who visited Europe recently to meet fellow pastoralists and share traditional wisdom on livestock keeping, have returned after successfully convincing the decision-makers at global forums of the need to preserve livestock bio-diversity and indigenous production systems”, reported The Hindu on 17 November 2007.

“Attending a series of high-level meetings in Europe, they advocated the rights of herding communities and sought recognition for their role in bio-diversity conservation,” said The Hindu.

The Raika delegation attended a United Nations-sponsored conference in Interlaken, Switzerland, followed by a global gathering of pastoralists in Segovia, Spain.

“For the visiting camel breeders the high point of the trip was a rally through the heart of Madrid together with Spanish shepherds and their colleagues from Africa, Asia and the Americas,” said the paper.

The Raikas’ visit to Europe was supported by the League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development, and its Indian partner organization Lokhit Pashu-Palak Sansthan.

Full report in The Hindu

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