Promoting Public Awareness of Pastoralism with focus on the International Year of Camelids 2024 and the upcoming International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists 2026

The International Year of Camelids (IYC) scheduled for 2024 and the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralism (IYRP) in 2026 present unique opportunities for making the voice of camel pastoralists heard and for them to be recognized by policy makers and scientists as the guardians of camel biodiversity and producers of high quality protein in drought stricken areas.

The larger goal of the project, that is supported by Misereor is to influence the trajectory of camel development strategies and research in favour of camel pastoralists, to prevent the camel from ‘being turned into a cow’ by scientists and intensive livestock industries, and for research to become oriented towards solving problems experienced at the grassroots level, rather than being purely academically oriented. The project is specifically aimed at taking advantage of the International Year of Camelids in 2024. By highlighting the ecological advantages of camel pastoralism, it will promote pastoralism in general as well.