Return of the nomad

The BBC’s Susie Emmett discovered why ancient nomadic ways are still relevant with the Maasai in Kenya and Raika in Rajasthan.

These two radio programmes were broadcast as part of the series One Planet on the BBC radio World Service on 26 Feb and 5 Mar 2009. They were produced in collaboration with LPP and its India partner Lokhit Pashu-Palak Sansthan, and feature interviews with LPP’s Ilse Koehler- Rollefson and LPPS’s Hanwant Singh Rathore.

In the Indian segments, Susie Emmett talks to Raika pastoralists, visits a dairy making “Desert Dessert” (camel milk ice cream promoted by LPPS), and checks on camel prices at the annual Pushkar camel fair.

Click here to listen to the programmes.