Workshop on animal genetic resources

On 16-18 October 2006, LPP together with the LIFE Initiative will host an international workshop on “The future of animal genetic resources: Under corporate control or in the hands of farmers and pastoralists?

The workshop, to be held in Bonn, Germany, will prepare for FAO’s First International Technical Conference on Animal Genetic Resources, to be held in Interlaken in September 2007.

The Bonn workshop will enable civil society organizations dealing with environment and development to focus on issues of biotechnology, biopiracy, animal welfare and livestock biodiversity. It aims to:

  • Draw attention to the Interlaken Conference and its importance
  • Raise awareness on the related topics
  • Identify potential for action
  • Devise cooperation opportunities.

More information and registration form: pdf, 52 kb; doc, 122 kb

Contact: Susanne Gura, LPP

Map of venue