Accounting for Pastoralists: Three new studies

Announcing three new studies in LPP’s Accounting for Pastoralists series – for Iran, Mozambique (in English and Portuguese) and Spain.

Pastoralism is important for livestock production, the economy and society in all three countries. It is a vital part of environmental management and culture. Yet finding reliable information on pastoralism is very difficult. Official statistics do not recognize it as a category, leaving policymakers and civil society in the dark. If pastoralists are not recognized, their contributions to the environment, economy and society will also be ignored.

The Accounting for Pastoralists series brings together information about pastoralism in each country – a first step in increasing the visibility and recognition of these groups.

Previous briefs cover Argentina, Germany, India, Kenya and Uganda. A summary brief analyses the results of these studies and recommends that FAO take the lead in initiating data collection on pastoralism and livestock production systems in each country.