Pakistan floods threaten livelihoods of livestock keepers

The floods in Pakistan have decimated stocks of animals, says Abdul Raziq Kakar, president of the Pakistani NGO SAVES. It is vital for people’s livelihoods to save as many animals as possible, and to help farmers and livestock keepers restock their herds.
“Every animal we save is a productive asset that poor families can use to rebuild their lives when the floods finally pass. The main priority and challenge is to get feed to those animals that have survived as much of the country’s traditional animal feed straw and forage has been lost in the floods”, says Abdul Raziq. “For buffalo and cattle, it is essential to enable the herds to rebuild quickly during the next breeding season. It is also imperative to get medicines to animals that have fallen weak or sick because of the disaster.”

Download Abdul Raziq’s report “Floods, river Indus and the local livestock breeds in Pakistan”