Statement at the FAO’s Commission on Agriculture

LPP and LIFE Network attended the 23rd meeting of the Commission on Agriculture (CoAg) at the FAO to make an intervention about the Global Agenda of Action towards sustainable livestock sector development (GAA). The Statement made the point that small-scale livestock keepers, representing the largest stakeholder group in livestock policy processes, must be represented in the GAA and that this would require funding, communication and capacity-building.

One Response to Statement at the FAO’s Commission on Agriculture

  1. yosef says:

    I want to give a suggestion about pastorals.As we all knows there are a lot of resource in pastorals.But every funding from developed country give emphasis for the highlanders.In pastorals there are different species of livestock let alone camel((Orphan animal by Europeans). Therefore,a lobby group is important to get funding for them.There animals are dying,affected by disease, affected by lack of water (even though water is found in the near under ground) etc.

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