Community Protocols-Guidelines – finalized and online available

Community protocols for pastoralists and livestock keepers


Claiming rights under the Convention on Biological Diversity

A community protocol is a document, produced by a local community, about the biological diversity it creates and conserves. Community protocols are an important way for local people to claim their rights under national and international law, especially through the Nagoya Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Community Protocolls
This manual shows how pastoralists and other livestock-keeping communities can draw up a community protocol about their animal breed or production system. It describes why they should consider producing a community protocol, walks through the steps of doing so, and advices how to use the finished document. It explains in easy language the complex concepts of access and benefit sharing and how the community protocol can be used within the legal system.

This manual is aimed at community leaders and organizations, nongovernment organizations and all those concerned with managing and conserving animal breeds and production systems.

Download the Community Protocols by clicking on the cover photo or subline.


7 Responses to Community Protocols-Guidelines – finalized and online available

  1. Dr D K Sadana says:

    A much needed document. Comprehensive. Authoritatively covering breeds and beyond. Smoothly Integrates the global scenario. Will surely take long for me – reading and re-reading.

  2. Pedro Pablo del Pozo says:

    A good book

  3. Great! The manual is high relevance. Agro diversity has suffered negative quensquebces if genetic loss from different drivers/ causal factors. In addition, native species of livestock are being lost, which is translated through loss of important genes of economic importance for meat, milk, gain, egg, etc. Genetic conservation efforts would enhance their sustainability.

  4. Muguy says:

    You are making a projet like this in hower country in DRC congo
    And we want to give us your experious in this idea

  5. Ufo Cha Marma - Tribal Leaders & CEO says:

    Timely publication of this community protocols which we have just downloaded for our records. And we shall spread important information amongst our Indigenous communities since our nNGO has dulybeen termed as. Indigenous peoples Organization and we are proud to be Granted UN SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS WTH UN-ECOSOC SINCE 2018. Thanks Welfare and Nature Club of Naikhyongchari WNCN NGO / IPO

  6. Pierre Meggy says:

    I think these articles are very important to the livestock keepers in the developing countries like Tanzania, this is because the rights of the pastoralists are totally abandoned, my self I am working with the wildlife sector and what problems/challenges we are facing is due to unclear protocols between the wildlife sector and pastoralists sector, the regulations are not for favoring the livestock sector. Will keep in touch because i need to write something concerning the rights of this marginalized community so that there will be the written legal rights.

  7. I’m a veterinary Surgeon from Sri lanka.Though there are no camels there the idea of organizing pastoral people is welcome for the future welfare of pastoral communities and their animals.I wish to receive information on further developments and specialty about disease problems the animals are facing. Dr D D G

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