‘Cross of the Order of Merit’ on Dr. Köhler-Rollefson

The German Ambassador to India, Dr. Martin Ney, conferred the prestigious German ‘Cross of the Order of Merit’, on Dr. Ilse Köhler-Rollefson at the German Embassy on 16th May.

Before the ceremony a Science Talk on ‘Pastoralism: A Blueprint for Ecological Animal Husbandry’ by Dr. Köhler-Rollefson took place. Dr. Köhler-Rollefson explained that from both an ecological and economic perspective pastoralism has many advantages over intensive animal husbandry causing water soil and air pollution, which has led to dangerous levels of antibiotic resistance and is burdened with animal welfare issues.

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One Response to ‘Cross of the Order of Merit’ on Dr. Köhler-Rollefson

  1. Syed Mahmood Nasir says:

    This is great work but very difficult to mainstream in a society overwhelmingly in favour of trees even on grasslands.In our march for more trees grazing in particular by the nomads is considered a crime . Dr Rollefson’s award may help these nomads,
    Syed Mahmood Nasir

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