Introductory Presentation The Future of Livestock Keeping: What’s at stake? Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, LPP

Presentation by Katrien van’t Hooft, TradiNova: Lessons learnt from (dairy) farming in the Netherlands.
Input paper Part I and Part II (PDF)

WG 1: Are there feasible alternatives to industrial livestock production? What is the scope and potential of small-scale livestock keeping, incl. pastoralism, to contribute to global food security?

Getachew Gebru facilitating Working group 1

Facilitator: Getachew Gebru, MARIL

Input papers:

Recommendations WG 1

WG 2: The pro-poor angle of livestock development: Do current policies really help the poor? How could their poverty alleviating impact be improved?

Elizabeth Katushabe, Ankole Longhorn cattle keeper from Uganda

Facilitator: Inge Barmentlo, Cordaid and CELEP focal point

Input papers:

Recommendations WG 2

WG 3: (in German) Wie müssen die politischen Rahmenbedingungen gestaltet werden, um Familienbetrieben das Überleben zu ermöglichen?

European shepherds Norman Leask (left) and Günther Czerkus (right) are taking note

Facilitator: Andreas Bergmann, Die Linke

Input papers:

Recommendations WG 3

WG 4: International trade, livestock systems sustainability, public health and animal welfare – are they compatible and how can these goals be better aligned?

FAO (Henning Steinfeld), OIE (Karin Schwabenbauer) and  (Florence Morin) Livestock expert

Facilitator: Bernhard Walter, Bread for the World

Input papers:

Recommendations WG 4

WG 5: Biocultural Protocols and Approaches to Access and Benefit-Sharing for Animal Genetic Resources

Abdul Raziq Kakar reporting results of WG 5

Facilitator: Irene Hoffmann, FAO

Input Papers:

Recommendations WG 5

Conference Agenda

Livestock Futures Conference press release (english)

Livestock Futures Conference Pressemeldung (deutsch)

Conference video (in German)

Kurzdokumentation der Livestock Futures Konferenz über die Zukunft der Nutztierhaltung

von Anne Welsing

Photo story: Livestock Keeping: Building a future by Susie Emmett, Green Shoots Productions

Much of the meat, milk and other products we enjoy from animals are produced by small scale livestock keepers and pastoralists. But their livelihoods are under threat. How to help?

The League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development (LPP) brought together livestock keepers and international experts in Bonn, Germany for ‘Livestock Futures’. In this photo story they share their visions for the future and how to help small scale livestock keepers and pastoralists to thrive.

Conference Documentation

The Conference „Livestock Futures“ has highlighted the importance of integrating small scale livestock keepers in the dialogue about food security, biodiversity and environment conservation. Their contribution to these topics is invaluable and must be recognized.

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