• Ugandan cattle keepers document their breed

    Ankole cattle in southwestern Uganda are well-known for their massive horns. Now this breed has been documented by the people who keep it for the first time. Elizabeth Katushabe of the Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa … Continue reading

  • Minister launches LPP book on biocultural protocols

    Tamil Nadu’s Minister for Animal Husbandry, Thiru Pongalur N. Palanisamy, has launched LPP’s latest book, Biocultural community protocols for livestock keepers. Biocultural community protocols are a new approach with great potential for empowering pastoralists and other traditional livestock-keeping communities. They … Continue reading

  • Raikas demand grazing rights in forest land

    Raika pastoralists in Rajasthan, India, have protested against restrictions to their grazing rights. Traditionally, the Raikas would graze their sheep, goats and camels in the forest during the monsoon season, when crops are growing in the fields. After the harvest, … Continue reading

  • German sheep marathon in Brussels on 17 September

    A four-country sheep trek across Europe to draw attention to the role of mobile herding in maintaining biodiversity and grassland will arrive in Brussels on 17 September 2010. The shepherds and their animals were due to arrive in the European … Continue reading

  • Endogenous Development Magazine features biocultural protocols

    Issue 6 of the Endogenous Development Magazine contains two articles on biocultural protocols relating to livestock. A biocultural protocol is a document that records a community’s role in ecosystem management, and states its rights to benefit from the ecosystem. Several … Continue reading

  • Lingayat biocultural protocol published

    The biocultural protocol of the Lingayat community, who live in the Bargur forest in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, details the Bargur breed of cattle and Mala erumai (Hill buffalo) breeds. Download (1.4 Mb)

  • Die Maasai Leiden, und niemand will ihre Schreien hören

    “The Maasai are suffering, and no one hears their cries” A radio segment was broadcast on the Deutschlandfunk (a international German radio station) on 18 June 2010. It describes how pastoralists in Africa are being driven from their traditional grazing … Continue reading

  • Biocultural protocols for Samburu and Pashtoon published

    The Pashtoon of Pakistan and the Samburu of Kenya are the latest groups of pastoralists to develop biocultural protocols that detail their community’s breeds, their traditional knowledge of their animals, and their lifestyle in relation to the environment. They join … Continue reading

  • Practical guidelines on Livestock Keepers’ Rights

    Livestock Keeper’s Rights are three principles and five rights that ensure that livestock keepers can continue raising their animals. Supporting livelihoods and local livestock breeds: Guidelines for putting Livestock Keepers’ Rights into practice gives practical guidelines on how development professionals, … Continue reading

  • German shepherds begin sheep marathon

    Shepherds in Germany have started a marathon, four-country relay trek to draw attention to the role of mobile herding in maintaining biodiversity and grassland in Europe. The trek began on 5 June with a rally under the Brandenburger Gate in … Continue reading