Pastoralist networks and support organisations publish policy brief at the launch of the SLA

The third multi-stakeholder platform for a sustainable livestock agenda (SLA) will meet in Nairobi from 22-24th January. Together with several other networks and organisations that support pastoralism and sustainable livestock development, including IIED, LIFE Network, WAMIP (World Association of Mobile Indigenous People), ELD, Rainfed Livestock Network and CELEP, LPP brought out a policy brief entitled “Capitalizing on pastoralism to feed people and achieve livestock sector sustainability”. It suggests  supporting pastoralism (eco-extensification”) as an alternative model to the mainstream concept of “sustainable intensification” to improving livestock sector sustainability.

LPPS organises Experience-sharing Workshop about Biocultural Community Protocols

Lokhit Pashu-Palak Sansthan, LPP’s core partner in India, organised an experience sharing workshop for livestock keeping communities that have either already established a BCP or are in the process of doing so. The workshop was attended by representatives of five communities and brought out important insights. One of them is the need for raising much more awareness about this tool, not only among communities, but also among officials. The latter usually have never heard of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) that forms the legal basis for BCPs.
Here is LPPS’ BCP_Experience Sharing WS Report and some comments and a link to photographs of the workshop can be found here.

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Photo story: Livestock Keeping: Building a future by Susie Emmett, Green Shoots Productions

Much of the meat, milk and other products we enjoy from animals are produced by small scale livestock keepers and pastoralists. But their livelihoods are under threat. How to help?

The League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development (LPP) brought together livestock keepers and international experts in Bonn, Germany for ‘Livestock Futures’. In this photo story they share their visions for the future and how to help small scale livestock keepers and pastoralists to thrive.