Niche marketing of local livestock breeds

In December 2008, LPP held a writeshop in South Africa to develop a book on niche marketing of local livestock breeds.

Many local breeds are being replaced by high-yielding exotic breeds, pushing the local breeds to the brink of extinction. Yet the exotic breeds are expensive to keep and succumb quickly to disease if conditions are not exactly right. Local breeds, on the other hand, still produce meat or milk even if the rains fail and fodder is poor.

How to persuade livestock keepers to keep raising their hardy local breeds? One way is to find a market for their products: local food specialties such as cheese or meat, or distinctive handicrafts such as wool or leather work.

This writeshop, held in Kalk Bay, near Cape Town, discussed eight cases from Asia, Africa and Latin America where pastoralists and small-scale livestock keepers have succeeded in making money from their breeds.

A book describing the cases will be published by LPP in 2009.