League to coordinate workshop at Planet Diversity

LPP will coordinate a workshop on Tuesday 13 May 2008 as part of the Planet Diversity world congress on food and agriculture in Bonn, Germany.

The workshop is entitled “Indigenous livestock breeds and livelihoods in marginal areas: From ‘destroyers of the environment’ to custodians of biodiversity: How can pastoralists change their image?”

In Europe, pastoralism is now acknowledged as essential for conserving biodiversity and retaining the attraction of cultural landscapes. But in many other countries, pastoralists are still seen as inimical to nature conservation and within major international frameworks, such as the UNCCD, they are held responsible for causing overgrazing and desertification. How can we change these outdated opinions? How can pastoralists in developing countries achieve recognition for their role in conserving breeds an agro-ecosystems? What can we learn from the European experience? How would institutional set ups and policy frameworks have to change to harness the potential of mobile livestock keeping for nature conservation? How can scientists support pastoralists and their advocacy efforts?

The purpose of the workshop is to arrive at a strategy for changing the image of pastoralism among major policy-makers and to develop ideas for mechanisms that would support and strengthen the official role of pastoralists in conservation.

Workshop participants must be registered with the Planet Diversity Conference.

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