Rolex features LPP founder

Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2008 provides an update of the work of LPP founder Ilse Koehler-Rollefson.

An Associate Laureate of the 2002 Rolex Awards, Ilse has been working with and campaigning for the Raika people in India and their animals for 17 years.

“Almost without being aware of it, the world is gradually losing one of its major assets, the product of a combination of human ingenuity and natural resources”, says the Rolex report.

“About one-third of the 5,000 officially documented livestock breeds are threatened with extinction and are dying out at the rate of almost two breeds per week.”

Ilse praised African delegates to the International Conference on Animal Genetic Resources in Interlaken, Switzerland, in September 2007, for standing up for herders’ rights. She regretted the fact that little support had come from Western countries.

“Herders and their animals not only enhance the landscape, they also represent important bio-cultural heritage for all humankind,” she says.

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